KulturFabrik Löseke e.V.

Since 1992 the family and the company Löseke have been involved in the "KulturFabrik Löseke". This is a cultural association which is located in the former company headquarters in Langer Garten - near the Hildesheim main station - and which meanwhile fundamentally shapes the cultural scene of Hildesheim.

The KulturFabrik offers to the free cultural and theatre scene a location for production and presentation and a widely spread audience the possibility to participate interactively in the innovative and experimental arts.

The enormous response and the great demand for this form of culture is surely established in the fact that the Hildesheim university offers the possibility to study "cultural pedagogics" - a course of studies that is all over Germany only offered in Hildesheim.

The company Arwed Löseke moved its headquarters from Langer Garten to the industrial zone in the mid 70's. The move of the production site became necessary due to the rapid growth of the company. The distinctive red brick building in Langer Garten was at first used as warehouse up to the time when the consequent extension in Bavenstedt made an external warehouse keeping largely superfluous.

The foundation stone for the cultural use of the house at Langer Garten was laid in 1990 with a first music rehearsal room. Shortly later the free theatre scene of Hildesheim moved in who were practicing their first plays between pallets of dust filter bags.

In 1992 the KulturFabrik Löseke was officially opened as such. All this was enabled by the great involvement and perseverance of the operating company. The factory had to be rebuilt from a pure production site to a service centre which meets all public and internal demands.

Mr Arwed Löseke has intensively supported the KulturFabrik by putting the rent down to zero, by promoting for the initiative and by giving his advice and support at any time. Also the employees of the Arwed Löseke company support the KulturFabrik, for example by carrying out internal ceremonies in the "old production sites" at regular intervals, which especially for the elder employees of the company means a little bit of memory to the old times.

Thanks to the efforts and performances of all parties concerned the KulturFabrik was able to grow out of the childhood shoes to become what it is now: a place of arts and culture, a place of social project work and a service centre with a very special flair.

In 2007 the Arwed Löseke Papierverarbeitung und Druckerei GmbH was awarded with the "Cultural Contacts Prize" by the Federal State of Lower Saxony as recognition of entrepreneurial support of cultural affairs.

The family and the company Arwed Löseke will continue to support the KulturFabrik directly and indirectly (by donations, zero rent, investment measures etc.) because they are convinced to be able to point the way to the future in a positive way for the society. The history of the red brick building in Langer Garten will therefore continue to remain for the future.